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What is Eccopartners?

Eccopartners is the education division of the Sebastian County Regional Solid Waste Management District (SCRSWMD). Dedicated to serving residents, businesses and institutions, Eccopartners is implementing innovative and progressive ideas for the benefit of a healthy environment in Sebastian County.

The primary objective for Eccopartners is educating Sebastian County residents about the programs and resources available to aid in recycling and environmental conservation needs. By educating our schools, residents and businesses, we will provide a better quality of life for our children, our future. We protect the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the soil that we live on. To find out how Eccopartners can help your civic organization, school or business make better use of the local resources, call 479-242-7373 for more information.

Eccopartners identifies and implements environmentally beneficial solutions. In support of keeping Arkansas Beautiful, all initiatives are dedicated to keeping our environment clean and saving our natural resources. The goal is to encourage and support residents to actively participate in recycling efforts and provide guidance on how to properly handle recyclable materials.

What is Sebastian County Regional Solid Waste Management District?
The Sebastian County Solid Waste District is one of 18 Regional Solid Waste Management Districts in Arkansas. The Solid Waste Districts are partners in solid waste management activities with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

The Sebastian County Solid Waste District serves Sebastian County, Arkansas. Our service areas include Fort Smith, Barling, Greenwood, Lavaca, Mansfield, Central City, Bonanza, Hackett, Midland, Hartford, Witcherville, Jenny Lind and Huntington.

Sebastian County Regional Solid Waste Management District (SCRSWMD) concentrates on protecting the health and welfare of the public; making sure that the environment is not polluted. This includes maximizing the life of the landfill and providing a high quality of life by addressing littering and illegal dumps. SCRSWMD also supports economic development by partnering with local and state governments to promote civic pride and healthy respect for the land that surrounds us.

Planning for the future and fostering economic development, SCRSWMD addresses waste management issues with regional local governments to improve efficiencies of government operations, emergency response, utilities infrastructure expansion, real estate development and attracting new industry.

The District is located at 423 Rogers Ave. Suite 102, Fort Smith, AR 72901. Phone number: (479) 452-4101. Our business office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is closed on all State Holidays and during periods of extreme inclement weather.

Board Meetings
Notice of Meeting Dates, Times and Agendas for District Board meetings will be provided by email to anyone requesting such notice. Please call the District office at (479) 452-4101 to be added to the distribution list.


Mission Statement

To assure that discarded materials are managed in an environmentally conscious manner.

To Report Illegal Dumping or Illegal Outdoor Burning: Call 479-452-4101

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