If you have items that are in question, please call the district office at:

(479) 452-4101

Recycling FAQ’s

How does recycling help the environment?

Recycling helps the environment by slowing down the rate we use up our landfills.  Recycling  helps by reducing our need to consume fresh natural resources to make new products. As a result we can save these resources for use by future generations. Most importantly, recycling saves energy and reduces pollution.

Which communities in Sebastian County currently participate in a recycling program?

  • City of Fort Smith and City of Barling – Weekly curbside collections available  Call 784-2350 to request a container in Fort Smith or 452-1550 for the City of Barling.
  • City of Greenwood Recycle Center – 104 Bell Road, Monday through Wednesday 8am – 4pm; 8am – noon Saturday 
  • City of Lavaca Recycle Center – 904 North Davis, Fridays 8am – 3pm; Saturdays 9am – 2pm.
  • City of Mansfield Recycle Center– 601 East Center, Monday through Friday 7am – 3:30pm.

What is recyclable?

The items below are recyclable and should not be disposed of in the trash. Do Not bag your recyclable materials. Place the items loose in the containers that you are provided and in the roll off containers at the recycle centers.

  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Plastic beverage containers (e.g. water and soda bottles)
  • Glass food & beverage containers (Recycle centers only)
  • Plastic six-pack rings
  • Glossy magazines and catalogs
  • Newspaper
  • Corrugated cardboard (broken down, flatten)
  • Mixed paper – phone books, brochures, computer paper, notebook paper, paycheck envelopes, white office paper, colored office paper, soft cover booklets, manila folders, card stock

What is not recyclable?

  • Plastic bags – These should be reused and then recycled at your local grocery store •    .
  • Wax-coated cardboard
  • Plastic utensils – These can be washed and reused.
  • Plastic oil and pesticide containers
  • Ceramics, mirrors, window glass and drinking glasses.

How can one person make a difference?
If we each contribute to the solution, it all adds up. Together we can make a difference. To look at it another way, each of us contributes individually to the waste problem so we each need to work toward the solution. All the millions of tons of waste that currently goes into landfills started at someone’s house.

How can I identify the Recyclable & Recycled symbols on paper, plastics, glass and cardboard?

Remember the three R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

More Recycling in Our Area

City of Fort Smith Sanitation www.sanitation.fsark.com  (479) 784-2350
Davis Iron & Metal Inc   www.davisironmetal.com  (479) 783-8931
Yaffe Iron & Metal Corporation  www.yaffeco.net  (479) 782-8294
Marck Recycling www.marck.net 479-783-6478

Shred-It  www.shredit.com – (479) 424-1196 Paper shredding
Bud’s Recycling  (479) 783-8969
Vital Records Control     (479) 782-7779 Paper shredding
Cintas (501) 295-7123 Paper shredding

How can people learn more about recycling?

You can find many links to sites with information about recycling on our Resource Links page. To learn about recycling in Sebastian County, email us.