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Community Pride

We’re all connected to and play a vital part in our communities.  How we treat it, has a direct effect on how we feel about where we live, work and play. We should ask ourselves:  “What can I do to help make my community be a healthier place to live ?”;  “What can I do to make our community a place I can really be proud of ?”;  “How can I make a difference now ?”.

Here are just a few suggestions for the betterment of our communities:

• Get involved by becoming a volunteer.
• Carry a trash bag on walks and pick up the litter you find.
• Clean up a park.
• Create a community garden.
• Adopt a street or a neighborhood.
• Sponsor a collection event for recyclable materials.
• Support and encourage recycling in your community.
• Practice recycling in your home.



1. Get the Facts
Research the littering problem in your community, and gather information from the Litter Index and the Litter/Solid Waste Survey. Interview field professionals and leadership. Assemble all pertinent data in writing.

2. Involve the People
Identify the people who have the most influence over this particular issue. Let them know what you would like to do. Find how it can match their own interests, and capitalize on their interest in developing the program. Let them involve people they know or with whom they work. The volunteer network will spread. Delegation is the key.

3. Plan Systematically
Once the leadership and other key individuals are in agreement, develop a plan of action. Utilizing effective management techniques, the group commits to this plan of action with the aid of Keep America Beautiful programs and resource guides.

4. Focus on Results
Your goal will be to achieve measurable results in litter reduction. All activities and projects should be planned programs designed to target and change negative attitudes and practices.

5. Provide Positive Reinforcement
Give those who worked on the project appropriate recognition. This can take many forms, but a sincere “thank you” is a first step. People must feel positive about their efforts with you if they are to sustain their interest.