If you have items that are in question, please call the district office at:

(479) 452-4101

Outdoor Burning is Unlawful and Unhealthy

Arkansas State Air Pollution Control Regulations Section 18.6 (b) prohibits the open burning of waste materials. Specifically, it states that: “No person shall cause or permit the open burning of refuse, garbage, trade waste, or other waste material, or shall conduct a salvage operation by open burning.”
Household trash, tires, construction and demolition waste (including lumber and/or wood), etc. are considered waste materials and Cannot be burned according to State Law.

Many residents of Sebastian County continue to burn prohibited items – including household trash! This is a habit passed down from generation to generation. The composition of household trash today has drastically changed from that of our grandparents’ time.

The Sebastian County Solid Waste District works to educate residents about the ban on open burning in order to reduce the environmental and health risks associated with open burning. If you know of someone who is burning household trash or other prohibited items, please let us know. You can call our office at (479) 452-4101. We will contact the person responsible and provide them with information on the laws and risks.

Potential Health Risks
Smoke from the outdoor burning of common household and farm materials pollutes the air and can cause serious health problems for the residents of Sebastian County.

The inhalation of smoke from burning brush, grass, leaves and trash can cause asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. Most at risk due to poor air quality are children, the elderly and those with breathing problems. Since smoke particles fall into the ground, burning also pollutes our water and soil.

Backyard fires can and will destroy property. The number one way people are responsible for causing wildfires is when outdoor burning grows out-of-control. You may be held responsible for the cost of stopping an out-of-control fire and the damage it causes.

When you consider the health and financial risks associated with outdoor burning, the alternatives quickly become a more favorable option. Some alternatives may include curbside pickup, Countywide, City-wide clean-up days or taking your waste to a landfill. Help to keep our air, land and water clean and healthy.