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Waste Hauler Permit Requirements

Attention Waste Haulers : The Company President or equivalent signed and agreed to the requirements of the 2017 Waste Haulers application. Two of the requirements are : #7 All solid waste collected within Sebastian County must be transported to a State permitted facility: and in accordance with any other local government agreements. #8 The District may require…

Recycling E-Waste in Sebastian County

Watch our E-waste commercial to find out about e-waste recycling in Sebastian County. Give us a call if you are a  commercial or industrial business. We can help you with safe, legitimate and easy e-waste disposal. It’s easy and it’s free !

The Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Reducing & Reusing Basics

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Owens Corning Recycles 1 Million Tons of Shingles into Roadways

How Cleaning Companies Are Reducing Solid Waste