If you have items that are in question, please call the district office at:

(479) 452-4101

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City of Fort Smith Department of Sanitation

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A 27-year-old designer came up with a way to revolutionize how we recycle.

  Revolutionary way to recycle A 27-year-old designer came up with a way to revolutionize how we recycle.You can read more about it at preciousplastic.com. Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Recycle Containers

If you are a resident that lives in the City of Fort Smith, and would like to recycle, please call 479-784-2350 to request a recycling container. If you live in the City of Barling, please call 479-451-1550 to request a container. If you live in the City of Lavaca, please call 479-674-5616 to request a container.

This Cool Machine Turns Waste Paper Into New Paper Within Just 3 Minutes

Reusing is Rewarding

Benjamin Franklin said, “Waste not, want not.” Instead of throwing away your items and filling up the landfill, find ways to reuse items.

Waste Hauler Permit Requirements

Attention Waste Haulers : The Company President or equivalent signed and agreed to the requirements of the 2017 Waste Haulers application. Two of the requirements are : #7 All solid waste collected within Sebastian County must be transported to a State permitted facility: and in accordance with any other local government agreements. #8 The District may require…

Recycling E-Waste in Sebastian County

Watch our E-waste commercial to find out about e-waste recycling in Sebastian County. Give us a call if you are a commercial or industrial business. We can help you with safe, legitimate and easy e-waste disposal. http://youtu.be/-GepjarCKV8 It’s easy and it’s free !

The Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle