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Lavaca Recycling Center

Lavaca Recycling Center 904 North Davis  Fridays 8:00-3:00 Saturdays 9:00-2:00  

Greenwood Recycle Center

  Glass, Paper & Plastic Recycling The City of Greenwood Street Department is committed to recycling and we are working towards implementing efficient and convenient methods for citizens to recycle. We operate a Drop-Off Recycling Center adjacent to the Street Department Main Office that accepts glass, paper and plastic products. Our hours of operation are:…

City of Greenwood

New hours !   The City of Greenwood Recycle Center located at 104 Bell Road is now accepting Glass ! Food and beverage containers only ! Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM Saturday each month 8:00AM to Noon   Glass Recycling Food & Beverage Glass Only ~ Food Grade Glass Only Items we accept: Jars…

Outdoor Burning is Unlawful and Unhealthy

Arkansas State Air Pollution Control Regulations Section 18.6 (b) prohibits the open burning of waste materials. Specifically, it states that: “No person shall cause or permit the open burning of refuse, garbage, trade waste, or other waste material, or shall conduct a salvage operation by open burning.” Household trash, tires, construction and demolition waste (including…

Reusable Cups Save !

Plastic Water Bottles

Ben & Jerry’s Phasing Out Single Use Plastic

Need A Dumpster !

Have a GREAT Day…Please Share. Posted by City of Fort Smith Department of Sanitation on Thursday, September 14, 2017