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2017 Fall Citywide Cleanup

FALL CITYWIDE CLEANUP Drop-off points will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the following locations: •Ward One: Grand Avenue Baptist Church, 3900 Block Grand Avenue, North Parking Lot •Ward Two: Parking Lot 1 Block East of N. 50th Street and Plum Street •Ward Three: Evans Boys Club, 6015 Boys Club Lane •Ward…

Outdoor Burning is Unlawful and Unhealthy

Arkansas State Air Pollution Control Regulations Section 18.6 (b) prohibits the open burning of waste materials. Specifically, it states that: “No person shall cause or permit the open burning of refuse, garbage, trade waste, or other waste material, or shall conduct a salvage operation by open burning.” Household trash, tires, construction and demolition waste (including…

Waste Hauler Permit Application Available

The current Waste Hauler Permit Application is now available on our website. Print off the forms and mail them with the correct fee to the address on the form.

City of Fort Smith Department of Sanitation

DID YOU KNOW…that you could sign up to receive phone and email notifications from the City, including Residential Trash Collection changes or delays, street closings, parks & rec info, and so much more? Sign up today at

A 27-year-old designer came up with a way to revolutionize how we recycle.


Recycle Containers

If you are a resident that lives in the City of Fort Smith, and would like to recycle, please call 479-784-2350 to request a recycling container. If you live in the City of Barling, please call 479-451-1550 to request a container. If you live in the City of Lavaca, please call 479-674-5616 to request a container.

This Cool Machine Turns Waste Paper Into New Paper Within Just 3 Minutes

Reusing is Rewarding

Benjamin Franklin said, “Waste not, want not.” Instead of throwing away your items and filling up the landfill, find ways to reuse items.